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Youths Blamed For Mossley Moorland Fire

Damping down after the fire. (picture: GPSJ News)

It seems the wildfire which broke out on Buckton Moor above Mossley on Tuesday evening was started deliberately. According to a local gamekeeper, three youths were chased away from the scene by farm hands.

Four fire engines, from stations in Mossley, Stalybridge and Hyde, were called out to tackle the fire, which was reported just before 7:30pm. It burned an area of grassland close to Micklehurst Cricket Club off Huddersfield Road, and smoke spread across Mossley and Greenfield.

A chopper from Diggle-based Pennine Helicopters dumped water on the blaze, which was successfully extinguished in a little over an hour. Firefighters later praised the farm hands and other local people for their help.

These pictures were taken by the excellent GPSJ News, so many thanks to them for that.

You can read a previous Saddleworth News article about the fire, and see more images, by clicking here. Stories about other recent moorland fires in our area can be read here.

Firefighters after the blaze was extinguished. (picture: GPSJ News)

Firefighters and the local gamekeeper following the blaze. (picture: GPSJ News)

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