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Whit Friday marches in Uppermill today

Ebenezer Congregational Church march in Uppermill today.

The Saddleworth Whit Friday marches have got off to a good start this morning with a large turnout of spectators watching the church and brass band processions, despite threatening to rain the weather has remained fine. Marches took place from the local villages and proceeded along High Street in Uppermill, finishing in Uppermill Park.

Members of church congregations and villagers took part in hymn singing and listened to speeches from church ministers, many children presented in traditional smart Whit Friday dress. They included local youth and church organisations.

Tonight bands from all over the world will take part in much relished contests in various Saddleworth villages, competition will be fierce for the prize money, for most bands this is a very important source of income for the year ahead. The contest attracts some of the best brass bands in the world.

Pictures: Stuart Littleford.

Musik Frohsinn Oberburg from Switzerland.


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  • Jane Faulkner says:

    The three little girls at the top look radiant carrying the jubilee boards, but then I am biased as the two outer ones are my beautiful granddaughters and the middle one is my niece.
    They enjoyed this so much and probably will talk about it for months.

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