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What Saddleworth News readers love about Saddleworth – Poll

Saddleworth News wants to hear from our readers what is most important to them about Saddleworth. What do you love about it, think of if you go away on holiday, tell people that don’t live here why it’s such a great place to live. You can vote for more than one suggestion and add your own suggestions.( The other suggestions will be added to the poll and votes will be counted. )

One Comment

  • Anne Lees says:

    I grew up in Saddleworth, it will always be my roots. A wonderful cozy place to grow up. Deep in my heart
    My husband grew up in Springhead, I grew up in Grasscroft
    We emigrated toCanada in 1967. Now we are retired and live on Vancouver Island, where we now feel we’ve come full circle . The scenery and weather are so similar to dear old Saddleworth
    Anne Butterworth Lees

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