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Uppermill’s life-sized Advent Calendar needs more windows

Reporter : Judith Grinter

Uppermill is bringing cheer and light to the village again this year with it’s life-sized Advent Calendar. For the last 4 years windows of Uppermill have been lit up at Christmas as part of a community creative bit of fun. You may have heard of a few  others around the country that are now taking off, one in particular being the town of Saltaire where the tradition is years old.

Uppermill Advent is a life-sized Advent Calendar, hosted in windows around the village of Uppermill. Just like any other Advent Calendar, one window is revealed each day, and lit up, it will then remain on display every evening until the calendar ends on 12th Night, giving people an opportunity to walk round and see the whole collection.

Homes all around the village take part and this year we are very excited to welcome Saddleworth Museum and several businesses too. Although there are only 24 days in Advent, we aren’t limited by mere mathematics and would be more than happy to have more than one address each night, after all the more the merrier and this is all about spreading Christmas cheer.

Erica Ryan, the organiser of the Calendar, told Saddleworth News: “Windows can be of any style or design, they just need to be clear and lit up so that people are

able to see them. If you would like to be a part of this year’s Uppermill Advent, do please get in touch.

“If you would like to see all the windows in the Calendar or even have a window that you’d like to include, find out more about us, and see some of our previous windows on our website or join us on our Facebook page or twitter.”

website :

Jude Gidney Photography


Facebook :  Uppermill Advent

Twitter :  @UppermillAdvent

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