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Toad Patrol On Chew Valley Road

Tesco Greenfield's Community Champion Greg Barratt (left) with new store manager Bill Davidson (right) and toad patrol volunteers. (picture: Tesco)

Tesco Greenfield has lent its support to a patrol helping toads get across Chew Valley Road. Dozens of volunteers are joining the store’s Community Champion, Greg Barratt, in getting the animals safely to the nearby Tanners millpond.

The volunteers, along with countryside and highways officials, will be scooping the toads into buckets to get them across the road. The patrol will be operating over the next couple of weeks between 7pm and 9pm, which is when the toads are typically on the move.

Greg used to be the village postman in Greenfield before taking up his new job when the supermarket opened in December. The toad patrols have been operating in the area for the past seven years. Tesco has donated buckets, high-visibility jackets and signs to help.

In a statement issued by Tesco, Greg said: “With the milder spring weather we are expecting to help maybe up to 2,000 toads. They always go back to breed in the ponds where they were born and in this case it takes them across the Chew Valley Road. They have been doing it for generations.”

On the right of the picture above is Bill Davidson, who is the new manager of the Tesco Greenfield store. Anna Wisniowski, who oversaw the opening of the supermarket, has been promoted to run a larger shop elsewhere.

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  • Fiona Mowat says:

    Well done Tesco, force the closure of one village shop within months of Tescos opening (Julies sweet shop) now they are the saviours of the toad crossings despite thse being run by volunteers for years without any input whatsoever from Tesco. Please can your otherwise excellent paper stop sucking up to this multinational taxdodging corporation. By this time next year there will be no shops left here and it will be just another dormitory town instead of teh vibrant village it once was.

  • Alan Grayson says:

    Blatant PR attempt by Tesco. Absolutely disgusting.
    Ashamed of you for shamelessly plugging this.

    Nothing on how, allegedly, according to rumours I’ve heard, both Greenfield and Uppermill Coops are losing stacks of money since this abomination opened.

    How about stories about the negative impact of this store to balance your coverage? Or even anything critical about a store that, according to most people I talk to, was neither wanted or needed?

    All you seem to have published so far about Tesco is shamefully reverant and not at all impartial. When Greenfield and Uppermill become even more filled with pointless, twee shops selling tat to tourists and shopping options are limited to just the one retailer situated in a ridiculous position on a road already busy with traffic, Tesco will be laughing all the way to the bank, escaping paying yet more tax and the community spirit of Saddleworth’s villages will be vastly reduced, making us yet another satellite commuter enclave on the outskirts of Manchester.

  • Andy, Uppermill says:

    Steady now, this is Saddleworth News, not the Daily Mail. Let’s have a bit less hyperbole.

  • Richard says:

    Fiona and Alan,

    Thanks for your comments, but I’m afraid I strongly dispute the idea that I haven’t written anything critical about Tesco. Indeed, I’m fairly certain I was the only person to interview Julie about the closure of her sweet shop – – and made it obvious in the article that she put a lot of the blame on Tesco.

    As for this story in particular, I think I made it clear that it came from a statement supplied by Tesco, and that the patrols were running for several years before Tesco opened.

    The comments under most stories I’ve written about Tesco have seen a wide variety of views expressed, positive and negative. I believe I’ve reflected those mixed feelings in my overall coverage. But I know there’s always scope to try harder!

  • Geoff Frost says:

    For all the rants and raves against Tesco it should be remembered by those protesting that it is the VILLAGERS who are shopping at Tesco who are the real culprits – nobody has forced them to do so. Villagers who have transferred their custom away from the small local shops are the ones really responsible for their loss of business.

    However, I would imagine most have simply switched their main weekly shop to Tesco in Greenfield from Tesco in Oldham or Stalybridge.

  • Geoff Frost says:

    I should add to my posting that I strongly disagree that this newspaper has been anything but fair in its reporting. I think it has been a brilliant newspaper for Saddleworth and reflects all sorts of views fairly. The trouble with some folk is that if they disagree with something they begin blaming the messenger

  • Andy, Uppermill says:

    Spot on Geoff. Let’s credit Saddleworth residents with the power of independent thought. Tesco are doing nothing more than offering an alternative. They can certainly sell things cheaper than some other shops but can’t come close to competing on quality of produce or customer service with the likes of Mellor’s or South’s, to name but two. If people buy their meat from Tesco it’s their choice (and their mistake, in my opinion). However I am sure many of us enjoy being able to buy things like breakfast cereal and toilet paper without either driving to Stalybridge, or climbing over trolleys and boxes and through the stench of cigarette smoke to shop at Uppermill Co-op.

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