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The First Post

Hello and welcome to Saddleworth News. This is a new website giving news and information about Saddleworth and the surrounding area. It’s for people who live in Saddleworth as well as those who like to visit. To use a trendy piece of jargon, it’s a ‘hyperlocal’ website, which basically means it contains information about what’s going on in a particular local area. Sites like this one are starting all around the UK, as local people fill the void left by cutbacks and closures in the traditional media.

One main aim of this website is as a place where you can find links to news and information about Saddleworth which appears elsewhere on the Internet. This includes newspaper articles, information published by official bodies, or items from the websites of local clubs and societies. There’s a lot of information about Saddleworth online, but much of it is difficult to find unless you know where to look. Hopefully the posts on this site, along with the list of Saddleworth websites which you can find by clicking Saddleworth Directory at the top of the page, will make this task easier.

This website is also going to feature original journalism. This includes coverage of local politics, sport and other events that might otherwise not get much attention.

There’s also the opportunity for you to get involved. If you want to write an article about something, or send in a photo you’ve taken, then feel free. Also get in touch if there’s an issue you’d like to see investigated. You can send an email by clicking on Contact at the top of the page. Or, if you prefer, you can make comments at the bottom of any article which appears on the site.

The picture at the top of this post is the site’s logo, and it’s a treated image of the Saddleworth viaduct as it crosses the Huddersfield Narrow Canal near the Brownhill Centre. The image at the top of the page is of Dobcross Square.

Happy reading.

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