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Past Articles

Statement by Save Diggle Action Group – Revised Saddleworth School Plans Still Unlawful

SDAG and its supporters welcome the fact that at last there is a revised planning application announced by OMBC on the building of a new secondary school for Saddleworth. Every reasonable person wants a new school for Saddleworth, the question is where?

What is alarming is that the revised plans presented by OMBC and the EFSA and now presented to the public have totally ignored the Judicial Review Judge – Justice Kerr’s criticism on the site feasibility study site selection […]

Saddleworth Parish Councillor says he is now ‘considering his position’ but will not resign from parish council

Cllr Michael Buckley

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Saddleworth Parish councillor Mike Buckley has told Saddleworth News this morning that he is now “considering his position” on the parish council but will not be resigning.

Cllr Buckley said the campaign to try and make him resign is “politically motivated” and stems from his involvement with the Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG).

Speaking exclusively to Saddleworth News editor Stuart Littleford, Cllr Buckley said: “I took on the whole political establishment at Oldham […]

Diggle site formally approved as the new home for Saddleworth School

New school site – existing buildings on the Diggle Site

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Oldham Council cabinet members have formally approved the WH Shaw Pallet Works site in Diggle as the new home for Saddleworth School.

The decision was taken at their meeting last night and following assessment of various cost and educational factors it was decided that the former pallet works site was the best option.

The Council said it will be providing around £2 million to fund various […]

Save Diggle Action Group welcome Oldham Council’s decision over new school

New School – campaigners met with Mike Green, EFA Director, last year

Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG) has welcomed a decision by Oldham Council to seek the views of local people over the siting of the new Saddleworth School.

A spokesperson told Saddleworth News: “We are delighted that Oldham Council are finally seeking the views of the people of Saddleworth on the choice of school site. The fact that they have also stated categorically that they will make the […]

New school plans may add to flooding risk in Saddleworth

Cllr Mike Buckley

Following recent national flooding problems Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG) have raised concerns that the plans to relocate Saddleworth School to Diggle may add to flood risk in Saddleworth. The proposals for the new school involve building two sports pitches in the green belt valley below the Pallet Works site, much of which is designated as a flood plane. A recent (2010) strategic flood risk assessment conducted for the Diggle site1 […]