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Past Articles

Hoe Down at Uppermill Parish Centre

There will be a Harvest Hoe Down at the Parish Centre in Uppermill to raise funds for the Friends of Saddleworth Church.

Tickets are £5.00 for adults and £2.50 for children, this includes supper, but please bring your own liquid refreshments.

Tickets are available form Alison on 01457 876760, Liz on 01457 810666 or Sarah on 01457 875126.

The event starts at 7.00pm through till 10.00pm on Saturday 11 October.

Rushcart makes me feel ‘very proud’ says Bryn

Bryn and his wife Natalie at the front of the rushcart – photo Stuart Littleford

The father of PC Nicola Hughes of Saddleworth who was killed almost a year ago says he is very proud to have had the 2013 Saddleworth Rushcart dedicated to her.

Mr Hughes told Saddleworth News: “It is a very emotional day and I feel very proud, I am amazed at the things people have done, I am very pleased to see this rushcart, especially […]

Rushcart festival finishes in the sunshine

A group of Morris Men visiting from Peterborough

The Rushcart Festival finished on Sunday with Morris dancing outside Saddleworth Church.

Morris dancers from various parts of the country took part in the event.

There was also an interesting display of old rushcart banners inside the church, dating from 1975 when the festival was first revived, up till the present day.

The good weather encouraged lots of visitors to the event, resulting in a very enjoyable day for everyone.

(Photos […]

Saddleworth Rushcart Festival 2013 dedicated to Nicola

The 2013 Saddleworth Rushcart makes its way towards Delph – photo Stuart Littleford

The Saddleworth Rushcart Festival this year is dedicated to PC Nicola Hughes of Saddleworth who was murdered on duty almost a year ago.

The rushcart is displaying a large banner with Nicola’s collar number and the words ‘Our Nic’ written on it. It started out early on Saturday morning and made its way around the area, followed by a large number of Morris Men and members […]