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Past Articles

THEFT – In Delph ……

Saddleworth Players kick off their new season at the Millgate Arts Centre in Delph with Theft, by Eric Chappell.

A couple return home to find they have been burgled but the burglar is still there, and convinces them that he is a policeman investigating the break-in.

Once his true identity is known the burglar reveals all kinds of uncomfortable truths about the couple and their friends. A tongue-in-cheek, witty comedy-thriller with twists and turns to keep you guessing the outcome!


Finishing with a bang!

Saddleworth Players round off their current season at the Millgate Arts Centre in Delph, with Bill Naughton’s well known Lancashire comedy “All In Good Time” opening on 31 May until 7 June (excluding Monday). Naughton spent most of his career based in Bolton and wrote a number of well known classic plays, some of which were adapted for the big screen.

This robustly humorous play centres on the sensitive Arthur and his new bride forced by economic circumstances to live […]