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Past Articles

Police appeal after truck hijacked and driver left in Saddleworth

The truck that the offenders got away in (the one where they moved the laptops to)

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Police are appealing for witnesses after thousands of new laptops were stolen and a driver assaulted and left near a dirt track in Saddleworth following a truck robbery yesterday morning.

The incident occurred at between 4am and 5am when a dark coloured Audi hatchback approached a grey HGV with a blue cab which was parked up on Shorten Brook Drive […]

Police hunting three men who robbed delivery driver at knifepoint in Dobcross

Woods Lane, Dobcross

Police are hunting three men after a newspaper delivery driver was robbed at knifepoint in Dobcross.

The 33-year-old victim was unloading newspapers from his van at around 1.30am on Monday, close to Fold News, Woods Lane in the village.

As he carried newspapers to the shop three men approached his van and, while two acted as look-outs, a third man entered the vehicle and stole the victim’s mobile phone from the front seat.

The victim noticed […]

Woman confronted by robbers in Lees

A woman was confronted by robbers as she returned home in Lees.

At 4pm on Monday 21 September 2015 a 42-year-old woman and her two children returned to her home on Beckett Street in the village to find her front door open. As she went into the house, three men who had been inside ran past her brandishing a metal bar. They made off in the direction of St John Street.

It was then discovered that three rings, two silver […]

Police investigating after attempted robbery of taxi driver in Saddleworth

Police are investigating following an attempted robbery in Saddleworth.

At around 2.55am on Friday 18 September 2015, a taxi driver picked up four people outside Tesco, Greenfield in Saddleworth. They asked him to take them to High Street in Lees and as they got to Oldham Road, Springhead, one of them told him to stop the car.

When he did, all four got out and one of them threatened the driver with a kitchen knife. He demanded money but the […]

Dobcross residents should be extra vigilant after two theft incidents last night

Police in Saddleworth are warning residents in Dobcross to be extra vigilant after two theft incidents in the village last night.

At approximately 9.10pm last night, a resident on Crib Fold in Dobcross was alerted to a possible break in to their garage after the alarm went off. On inspection there were signs of an attempt to force entry.

At 8.40pm on the same night a resident on Sandy Lane reported a suspicious male in her garden. The male was […]

Two men wanted after 83-year-old man robbed in his Greenfield home

Police CSI van near to the incident on Carr Lane, Greenfield

Two men claiming they wanted to check the water pressure in a Saddleworth home stole money from an 83-year-old man.

At around 1.45pm on Friday 7 November 2014, two men knocked on the door of house on Carr Lane, Greenfield and said they needed to check the pressure.

They were invited inside and while one of the men spoke to the man and his 87-year-old brother, the second […]

Police give description of offender after farm incident

Robbery at a Lydgate Farm

Police investigating after burglars tried to break into a farm near Oldham have released a description of one of the offenders.

At around 7.20pm today, Sunday, 22 December 2013, three men tried to break down the door to a farm off Platting Road, Lydgate, Oldham.

The occupants heard the banging and the farmer went to fetch his legally-held shotgun and shouted a warning at them to leave. He then fired two warning shots […]

Residents worried after axe wielding intruder threatens elderly couple in their Greenfield home

Worried residents on Park Lane in Greenfield have contacted Saddleworth News after a couple were threatened in their own home by an intruder wielding an axe.

The incident took place early in December last year but has not been widely reported.

One resident, who asked not to be named, claims that the police were called by one of their friends on the 999 number to report a suspicious car on the lane, the police told them it was probably dog […]