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Past Articles

By-Election Looms As Woolas Gives In

Phil Woolas after last month's original verdict in Uppermill.

Phil Woolas has admitted defeat in his attempts to overturn the ruling which threw him out of parliament. The former Saddleworth MP was at the High Court in central London today to hear three senior judges agree with the outcome of the earlier election court case, in which Mr Woolas was found guilty of knowingly lying about his Liberal Democrat opponent Elwyn Watkins.

The ex-Labour minister said he had reached […]

Field Grows Ahead Of Potential By-Election

Cllr Ken Hulme is considering standing if there's a by-election.

Even though we don’t know for sure whether there’s actually going to be a by-election here in Saddleworth, parties large and small have certainly been preparing for one. And the number of potential candidates is growing all the time.

Labour is in the uncomfortable position of waiting for the outcome of the appeal being brought by former MP Phil Woolas. He was stripped of his general election victory for […]