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Past Articles

Condition of local roads is a ‘real concern’ for many Saddleworth residents says MP after Saddleworth News investigation

A large pothole over 4 inches deep on Huddersfield Road in Diggle

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Debbie Abrahams MP has said the state of the roads in Saddleworth is a “real concern” for many local residents after the issue was highlighted by Saddleworth News.

Saddleworth News investigated after being contacted by a number of local residents who expressed their concerns over an increasing number of potholes and ruts on roads in the area as well as the generally poor road […]

Residents claim potholes are a real danger

Dangerous – claim residents

A number of deep potholes in Dobcross are presenting a serious danger to road users it is claimed.

Dobcross residents have told Saddleworth News they believe it is only a matter of time before somebody is seriously injured or even killed.

There are around five or six deep potholes in the centre of Sugar Lane, near Dobcross square, with three of them at least six inches deep – enough to easily throw a bicycle […]

Revolutionary new treatment for the areas potholes

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, Housing and Transport with the new Velocity Patcher and operators Peter Smith and Wayne McManus.

Oldham Council’s new Velocity Patcher is now out on the streets tackling potholes and improving the road network in a more effective and efficient way.

The high-powered pothole patching equipment is part of a revolutionary new scheme to treat potholes and protect roads across the Borough.

This new approach is cheaper than traditional methods and […]

Motorcyclist thrown from bike in Waterhead this afternoon

A motorcyclist has had a lucky escape after being thrown from his bike in Waterhead this afternoon.

The man was travelling from Saddleworth to Oldham when he described hitting a pothole as he went through road re-surfacing works on Huddersfield Road at Waterhead.

Saddleworth News editor, Stuart Littleford stopped to help as the man lay motionless in the road and passers-by went to his aid.

Stuart said: “It looked very serious as he wasn’t moving, people were ringing for […]

Dangerous potholes in Dobcross

Potholes outside the former Dobcross Primary School on Platt Lane.

Road users in Dobcross are being warned to take extra care when using Platt Lane due to three large potholes that have appeared as they could cause damage to cars and pose an accident risk to cyclists and motorcycle riders.

Two of the potholes are outside the former Dobcross Primary School and the other near the village square. They have been there for a few weeks now and are […]

Letter From Cllr John McCann About Potholes

Potholes on Devon Drive in Diggle.

Below is a letter to the editor sent in by Cllr John McCann, who represents Saddleworth South on Oldham Council. It was written in response to the recent flagging up by Cllr Ken Hulme, an Independent parish councillor, of the dozens of potholes on Devon Drive in Diggle.

You can read a Saddleworth News article about that from last month here.

If you’d like to respond to the points made in Cllr McCann’s […]

Dozens Of Potholes Recorded On Single Diggle Street

Potholes on Devon Drive in Diggle.

There are as many as 160 potholes on one residential street in Diggle, according to a member of Saddleworth Parish Council.

Cllr Ken Hulme counted the potholes on Devon Drive, as part of a personal survey of Saddleworth’s roads.

The Independent member, who is the current Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, commented: “It really beggars believe that a residential road has been allowed to deteriorate to this state. It looks more like […]

Details Of Planned Dobcross Road Closures

Woods Lane and Dobcross New Road will both be affected by closures during July, as Oldham Council continues its efforts to resurface some of the local roads most affected by potholes.

Work on the stretch of Woods Lane from the old Woolpack up to Nudger Green will take place between Monday 11 and Sunday 24 July, between 9:30am and 3:30pm each day only. Two-way traffic signals will be in place on the mini-roundabout during this period.

Meanwhile, a short section […]

Getting Potholes Filled In Around Saddleworth

Not much exercises folk around Saddleworth quite like the issue of potholes. Residents and councillors alike regularly describe various surfaces as being “the worst” in the area, a discussion which has become even more heated since the impact of the bad winter weather on our roads.

Oldham Council has regularly defended itself (see here) against claims the borough’s roads are in poor repair. The council has what it calls the ‘pothole moles’ which go around the borough tackling the issue.


Diggle Roadworks Rearranged Because Of Summer Events

Huddersfield Road, Diggle

Two days of resurfacing on Huddersfield Road in Diggle have been put off until mid-July, to avoid disruption during the Diggle Blues Festival and Diggle School Fete.

A section of the road from Dorset Avenue most of the way to the Standedge Road junction, had been due to close on consecutive Sundays, 26 June and 3 July.

However, the first of those is the final day of the Blues Festival, and the School Fete is scheduled […]

Denshaw Road To Be Resurfaced At Slackcote

The stretch of Denshaw Road at the junction with Slackcote Lane is to be resurfaced. The work will take place on Sunday 5 June, and the road will close between 7am and 1pm to allow the job to be completed.

According to documents circulated by Oldham Council and the Unity Partnership, which carries out this sort of work for the council, a 60m section of the road will be resurfaced. That’s 30m on each side of the junction.

The same […]

Four Days Of Diggle Road Closures Scheduled

Huddersfield Road, Diggle

Most of Huddersfield Road in Diggle is going to be resurfaced this summer, and a total of four days of closures have been scheduled to allow the work to take place.

The first section of road, from Sam Road to Dorset Avenue, will shut for two Sundays, 5 June and 12 June. The second section of road, from Dorset Avenue most of the way to the Standedge Road junction, will close on a further two Sundays, […]

Council Candidate Statement: Ken Hulme (Independent, Saddleworth North)

Ken Hulme, Independent candidate for Saddleworth North, at last week's hustings debate in Dobcross.

Ken Hulme, who is aiming to become an Independent borough councillor for Saddleworth North, used last Thursday’s candidates’ debate in Dobcross to reveal a ‘mini-manifesto’ of policies on which he’s taking his stand in this election.

They include a freeze in the council tax rate until 2016, smaller local government, an end to what he described as “secret deals” with developers, and the right for […]

Council Candidate Interview: Phil Renold (Liberal Democrat, Saddleworth South)

Phil Renold, Liberal Democrat candidate for Saddleworth South, pictured in his garden in Dobcross on Wednesday.

The Liberal Democrat standing in the Saddleworth South ward in next month’s Oldham Council election has said he’d like to make sure the borough council is more responsive to the needs of local residents in future.

Phil Renold used an interview with Saddleworth News to say: “We have made big progress over the last three years, but there’s still a long way to […]