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How The Northern Notion Of Co-operatives Returned To The Political Lexicon

Inside the Green Valley Grocer.

I’ve had another piece published by The Guardian, this time about northern co-operatives, including the new enterprises in Slaithwaite and Holmfirth. It was published on the Northerner section of the paper’s website here.

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IF YOU WAIT long enough, sometimes ideas come back into fashion.

The very northern notion […]

Second Birthday For Slaithwaite Greengrocer Co-op

Inside the Green Valley Grocer.

Sometimes Saddleworth News dips into the Pennine communities near our area to do articles about things which might be of interest to Saddleworth people.

And so it was that I made the short drive on the A62 to Slaithwaite on Monday, to visit a community-owned co-operative which is becoming a real success story for the Colne Valley.

The Green Valley Grocer on Carr Lane opened its doors two years ago this month, with the […]