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Past Articles

Oldham’s three MP’s write joint article on 15th anniversary of Oldham Riots

We are proud of Oldham and all of our diverse communities. We are inspired by the prospect of a positive future but we are honest about the challenges our town faces too.

The town hit the national headlines for all the wrong reasons and while the images were shocking no one could honestly say it came as a total surprise.

Underlying tensions that had been simmering for over a decade conspired with a series of events that culminated in horrific […]

Austerlands Beaten By Glodwick

Farhat of Austerlands takes an easy catch. (all pictures: Neil Cadd)

The cricketers of Austerlands suffered another defeat on Saturday, this time against Glodwick. With the details, here’s Neil Cadd:

A BRIGHT AND SUNNY DAY at Warren Lane greeted both teams with Glodwick taking first knock, both teams looking for a change in their recent poor form. Glodwick made a good start but youngster Andrew Cadd removed both the overseas player and professional giving Austerlands the edge early in […]

Former Oldham Mayor Reflects On The Riots

Riaz Ahmad (picture: GPSJ News)

Former Mayor of Oldham Riaz Ahmad has been recalling the Oldham riots, which took place ten years ago.

Mr Ahmad, who was then the Deputy Mayor of the borough, and infamously had his Chadderton home firebombed several weeks after the violence, used an interview to say he’s “confident” there won’t be a repeat of the riots during his lifetime.

He told Stuart Littleford of GPSJ News: “You can never say never, but I think […]

Tories Still Fighting For Every Vote

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude with Conservative candidate Kashif Ali in Glodwick today.

Conservative Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude joined by-election candidate Kashif Ali campaigning in Glodwick this morning. And he urged Tory supporters to stay loyal to the party on Thursday, in the face of overtures from Liberal Democrats who are trying to attract tactical votes to keep Labour out.

Mr Maude told Saddleworth News: “I’d ask Conservatives to vote Conservative. No Conservative minister is going to say […]

Hughes Urges Lib Dems To Stay Loyal

Simon Hughes (left) and Liberal Democrat candidate Elwyn Watkins with a worshipper outside Orme Street Mosque in Glodwick today. (all pictures: Stuart Coleman Photography)

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Simon Hughes has urged Saddleworth folk who’ve backed the party in the past to stick with them in the forthcoming by-election. He’s also called on Conservative supporters to vote tactically for the Lib Dems.

Speaking during his fourth visit to our area of the campaign today, Mr Hughes told Saddleworth News […]

Lib Dems Cleared Over Mosque Row

Cllr Howard Sykes

Seven senior Liberal Democrat politicians, including Oldham Council leader Howard Sykes, have been cleared over the alleged fast-tracking of planning approval for a new mosque in Glodwick. An investigation by the Standards Board for England found the six current and one former councillors had done nothing wrong.

The inquiry followed a complaint by local Labour MPs Phil Woolas and Michael Meacher. They queried whether the planning application had been rushed through by Lib Dems on Oldham […]