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Ruby Anstee – Editor
Stuart Littleford – Reporter
Allan Roach – Reporter
George Wilson – Reporter and IT
Judith Grinter – Reporter

Past Articles

Car theft in Grotton last night

Reporter : Stuart Littleford

The Grotton area has unfortunately again seen a robbery incident where a car has now been taken.

This incident occurred on Langley Avenue off Lane Drive, Coverhill Road. Here at around 23:50hrs on the evening of Thursday 9th November an elderly couple were approached as they arrived home in their X1 BMW in white.

As the couple went to alight their vehicle they were confronted by two males described as being Asian in appearance and […]

Police say increase in Saddleworth burglaries in order to steal cars

There appears to be an increase in burglaries in the Saddleworth area where by offenders are committing burglaries in order to steal vehicle keys. The latest being on Rimmons Close, Greenfield.

At approx 03.30hrs this morning two males were disturbed in a property. The offenders had removed a small pane of glass from a rear window, reached in and unlocked the rear door using the keys which had been left in the lock. Once inside the offenders stole keys to […]