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Past Articles

Saddleworth School plans ruled unlawful by High Court

SDAG spokesperson, Keith Lucas

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Oldham Council will now have to rethink their plans to build a new Saddleworth School in Diggle after a High Court ruled they were unlawful.

The school case was taken to the Royal Courts of Justice in London by the Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG) after a long fought campaign and financial backing from various sympathetic donors.

SDAG had always claimed the plans to move the school to Diggle were flawed and […]

Uppermill Civic Hall Extension Now Finished

The new extension.

Building work on the new extension to Uppermill Civic Hall has been completed. The Clerk of Saddleworth Parish Council, Tony Marlor, revealed during Monday night’s council meeting that the work had finished “as of this morning.”

However, the Civic Hall car park is going to remain out of action until sometime later in the year, because it needs resurfacing. When it comes back into service, councillors have already agreed that it will join other village car […]

Review Of Uppermill Parking Restrictions Confirmed

One of the new signs in the museum car park.

The promised review by Oldham Council of the new parking restrictions in Uppermill will take place, it has been confirmed.

According to a statement from the the Chairman of the Saddleworth and Lees Traffic and Transport committee, Cllr Royce Franklin, the review will examine “all aspects of the car parking situation in Uppermill.”

Time limits were brought in on several car parks in Uppermill back in February, in the […]

Saddleworth Residents Missing Out On Charity Help

Cllr Brian Lord

Needy people in Saddleworth aren’t taking advantage of charity help which is available to them.

That was the warning from a senior local parish councillor during last Monday’s special meeting to decide the make-up of Saddleworth Parish Council’s various sub-committees.

Cllr Brian Lord was re-appointed as the parish representative to the Rochdale United Charities, and told the meeting that, in the decade since he first encountered the body, he wasn’t aware of anyone from Saddleworth who […]

Parish Council Agrees Committee Line-Ups

After weeks of behind-the-scenes toing and froing, harmony broke out on Saddleworth Parish Council last night, as the make-up of its assorted sub-committees was agreed.

A special meeting was held in the new extension of Uppermill Civic Hall to finally approve the details of the various committees, which examine issues including the hall itself, the running of the cemetery, and traffic and transport matters.

Liberal Democrats, who hold 12 of the 20 seats on the council following last month’s election, […]

Councillor Admits “Mistake” Over Civic Hall Extension

The new extension to Uppermill Civic Hall.

A senior member of Saddleworth Parish Council has conceded the council made “a big mistake” by not completing the full renovation of Uppermill Civic Hall a decade ago.

The leader of the majority Liberal Democrat group, Cllr Brian Lord, said the new extension would have cost £200,000 if it had been carried out at the same time as other work on the building, rather than the £500,000 the Parish Council had to […]

Insight Into The Cuts At Oldham Council

Cllr Brian Lord

A member of the Oldham Council Cabinet which oversaw cuts of £41m in the borough’s budget for 2011/12 has given a detailed insight into how the process worked.

Cllr Brian Lord served in the Liberal Democrat/Conservative administration until last month’s elections, in which Labour took power in Oldham, and Cllr Lord lost his Saddleworth West and Lees seat. However, he retained his place on Saddleworth Parish Council.

In a pre-election interview with Saddleworth News, Cllr Lord […]

Ken Hulme Becomes Saddleworth Parish Council Vice Chairman

Cllr Ken Hulme, the new Vice-Chairman of Saddleworth Parish Council.

Independent Ken Hulme was elected as the new Vice Chairman of Saddleworth Parish Council on Monday night.

And he immediately echoed the thoughts of the new Chairman, Cllr Bill Cullen, in suggesting that the council should look to take advantage of government plans to devolve more power to local bodies.

Cllr Hulme said in an interview with Saddleworth News: “These next four years could be the years that Saddleworth […]

Row Delays Parish Council Committee Line-Ups

A disagreement between the parties on Saddleworth Parish Council meant the make-up of the council’s various sub-committees couldn’t be agreed at Monday night’s meeting in Uppermill Civic Hall.

Conservative and Independent members of the council chose not to accept a provisional list of names which had been circulated by e-mail in recent days by senior Liberal Democrats.

The list suggested which Lib Dems could sit on the sub-committees, as well as which of them were prepared to act as chairs. […]

Election 2011: Mixed Fortunes And Mixed Emotions On The Longest Friday

Jim McMahon talks to the media during the Oldham Council election count.

There can only be one winner in most elections. But that doesn’t stop most people involved usually trying to claim the results as some kind of victory, even if it’s clearly nothing of the sort.

But, for once, the results of the Oldham Council and Saddleworth Parish Council elections, announced at various points on a Friday that seemed to go on forever, left all parties with legitimate […]

Lib Dems Remain Largest Party On Saddleworth Parish Council

The five victorious Liberal Democrats from the Springhead Lower ward. (left to right: Brian Lord, Pat Lord, Garth Harkness, Enid Firth, Bill Cullen)

The Liberal Democrats lost ground but remained the controlling party on Saddleworth Parish Council, in results announced at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham earlier.

They went from holding 17 of the 20 parish seats to 12. The Conservatives increased their representation from two to four, while Independent Ken Hulme was re-elected and saw three of […]

Mixed Results In Saddleworth As Labour Wins In Oldham

The next leader of Oldham Council, Labour's Jim McMahon, pictured at the count at the Queen Elizabeth Hall last night.

The three Saddleworth wards on Oldham Council were won by three different parties, as Labour regained overall control of the borough for the first time since 2008.

The biggest shock of the night was in Saddleworth West and Lees, where Labour’s Adrian Alexander unseated Lib Dem Cabinet member Brian Lord.

The Lib Dems also lost Saddleworth South to Conservative […]

Oldham Council Election Results: Live

Here’s the Saddleworth News liveblog of the borough council count in Oldham, as it happened!

5:35am: That’s it for tonight! I’ll be back at 10am for the Saddleworth Parish Council count.

The jubilant Labour team celebrate taking control of Oldham Council.

I’ll write some news articles, featuring results, pictures and interviews, after it’s all over!

5:30am: In Saddleworth, the three main parties took a councillor each. Lib Dem Derek Heffernan clung on in Saddleworth North by 17 votes, Conservative […]

Councillors Praise Civic Hall Extension

Work continues on the extension to Uppermill Civic Hall.

Members of Saddleworth Parish Council had warm words for the almost-finished extension to the Civic Hall, at Monday night’s council meeting in Uppermill.

The council’s clerk revealed that the building work is still due to be completed on time towards the end of next month. The windows have now gone in, and the scaffolding has been removed.

Cllr Brian Lord described the new extension as “better than the red brick […]