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Swimming Nature with Fiona Smith

Manor House barn - saddleworth newsReporter : Judith Grinter

Fiona Smith has brought Swimming Nature to a swimming pool in Saddleworth. Saddleworth News asked her more about it.

What is Swimming Nature? 

Swimming Nature is the UK’s market leader in delivering premium and bespoke swimming tuition and  is now available here in Saddleworth! Our tuition experience can be likened to premium Personal Training in the water as we only specialise in 1-1’s and 1-2’s for children and adults. Our passion is for personal attention, great student relationships, bespoke learning and the use of technology.

What sets you apart from the rest?

The key is our world-class instructors who work individually with students to ensure rapid learning and a tuition experience unlike any other. We don’t just coach you to swim – we coach you to swim beautifully!

Why should parents choose Swimming Nature?

If you want the best for you and your child then there is no better choice on the market than Swimming Nature. Lessons have already begun there and the feedback is great.

Tell us more about where the lessons are held.

Manor House Barn is the location of the pool. The barn is on Mill Lane in Dobcross, Saddleworth.

What do you love about the area?

When I visit the venue in Saddleworth I adore driving through the moors, it’s breath-taking!

Surprise us!

The owner of the pool used to swim for England, in the Commonwealth Games, his twin daughters swim nationally too. It’s a real sporting family that love swimming and they have gave Saddleworth and the surrounding area access to their beautiful pool to learn to swim.

To find out more about Swimming Nature, visit, or email and quote “Manor House Barn” to arrange your free trial.

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  • Suzanne Bradshaw says:

    Just a quick question Did the owner of the pool learn to swim at Saddleworth Pool Uppermill before he swam for England ? If he did I used to be a pool attendant there & saved a little boy whose surname was Dronsfield – a little boy who was probably around two or three years old who came out of the changing rooms thinking he could swim like his brothers & promptly sank. I saw him saved him, his Mum was so relieved. A few days after this had happened the little boys Mum bought me a pair of new trousers as she thought I’d ruined my others when jumping in the pool. I’d heard this little boy had gone onto swim for England. It’s great to see Swimming Nature offering lessons in different settings. All the best in the Dobcross Setting.

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