Sex, Death & Politics in Georgian Manchester and Votes for Women

Saddleworth newsSaddleworth Historical has a couple of iinteresting presentations for our readers to put in your diaries:

Wednesday 6 December 2017, 7.30pm.
Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill.

Saddleworth Historical Society has an Illustrated Presentation given by Dr. Craig Horner entitled ‘Manchester in the 18th Century- Sex, Death & Politics in the Georgian Town.’

advertising in Saddleworth and oldham

Let’s have a chat


All welcome, £3 on the night non-members.
Refreshments available.

Saturday 20 January 2018, 2.30pm. 
Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill.

A special illustrated presentation given by Dr. Jill Liddington entitled ‘Celebrating the Century – Votes for Women campaigning across the Pennines.’

All welcome. £3 on the day for non – members.
Refreshments available.

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