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Search For Keith Bennett’s Body To Go On

Hoe Grain, leading towards Shiny Brook, on Saddleworth Moor. Keith Bennett is believed to be buried in this area. (picture: Geograph/John Fielding)

The mother of Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett has said that her search for his body will go on. Winnie Johnson told a memorial service for Keith at Manchester Cathedral that she “will never rest” until she can give him a proper funeral.

Keith was just 12 when he was murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964. They buried four of their five young victims on Saddleworth Moor, but Keith’s body has never been found. The most recent attempt by police to discover his remains was called off last summer.

In her address to today’s service, Mrs Johnson, now 76, said. “I do wish they find him before I go to the next world.” She has set up a Searching For Keith appeal to continue her efforts to find her son’s body.

Past searches for Keith’s body have concentrated on the area around the streams known as Hoe Grain and Shiny Brook. That is a short distance north of the A635 road, and well away from the general area where the other three bodies were discovered. The police’s interest in Hoe Grain followed studies of photographs taken by Brady and Hindley, as well as testimony given by Hindley in prison before her death.

Brady, who remains in a high-security psychiatric unit near Liverpool, has reportedly shown no interest in helping the hunt for Keith’s body in recent years. Police sources have said he has refused to speak to detectives, waving them away on their last visit to discuss their search of the moors.

Mrs Johnson hopes her Searching For Keith appeal will raise enough money to allow a new, private search of the moors to take place. More details are available at the appeal’s website here.

Reports of today’s memorial service can be viewed at the Manchester Evening News website here, and at the BBC here.

There is also an archive of original reports of the Moors Murders investigation and trial at The Times website here.


  • craig wilson says:

    I have taken interest in the latest news regarding Keith Bennet and have been looking at the above link which pictures Hindley sat by a stream ,is this location Birchen Clough (near saddleworth moor) and has a search been done around this area as this picture(link below) looks similar to where Hindley is sat, whether this will help in the search for Keith Bennets Body is I do not know , Holme Cloughalso looks similar has a search been done around these areas?
    I was reading the Mail Online after watching the news & started looking at photos & google maps to locate the area on the Mail Online website, I hope Keith can be found, regards Craig

  • Andy H says:

    There are a number of conflueces and waterfalls in the Holme/Rimmon/Birchen Clough areas at the head of Greenfield Brook.

    From what I understand, the search at Wessenden Head only came about when Topping (who took over the inquirey in the 1980’s) misinterpreted a note found at the time of the arrests – then made Hindley’s map fit his theory. Both Hindley and Brady declared Shiney Brook to be the wrong place when they were taken there.

    I don’t see any reason why Keith Bennett is not near where the others were found, by Hollin Brown Knoll/Adams Cross close to Greenfield Brook.

    Of course. There’s only one person who really knows the truth.

  • clare G says:

    I am in total agreement with the comments from andy H. I am certain this is the right area to be searching.
    Approximately 4 years ago I attended an evening at the Civic Centre Uppermill the guest speaker being a famous medium called David Traynor. At the end of the evening I was queing up to purchase a copy of his book when I couldn’t help overhearing the man in front of me questioning him about Keith Bennett as he had been having re occuring dreams on the subject. David Traynor told us that he could see a stream and a wall but the reason he has never been found is because a tree has since grown over the burial site, he also said that he WILL be found soon. Recently since the new search by the welsh team hit the headlines, I started re reading my copy of the book The Lost Boy by by Duncan Staff, which is all about the search for Keith.I happened to be glancing at the pictures and nearly dropped the book when i looked at the picture on page 86 top left, if anyone has a copy of this book please look closely at the tree in the background.

  • clare G says:

    Also if Hindleys map is TURNED UPSIDE DOWN down i.e. entering the moors on the opposite side of the road, it fits perfectly to be holme/rimmon/birchen clough down to greenfield BROOK ( a mirror image of hoe grain to shiny brook etc ) including waterfall etc. Interesting point Hindley didnt know the names of the locations on the moors at the time of the murders only when she was taken back!!! yet she drew the map with the names hoe grain and shiny brook???? even she said she was confused when taken there and brady also said it was the wrong place!!

  • clare G says:

    from what ive learned there was a hand written note, regarding disposal of the body discovered in hindleys prayer book written by Brady, which read ‘check WH periodically for movement’, from this Topping decided he was referring to Wessenden Head (hence shiny brook) along with the other markers i previously mentioned. in my opinion surely WH could be referring to something as simple as WATER HEIGHT!, this would make perfect sense if keith was buried near a stream, as the photos released recently suggest ,this makes further food for thought to disagree with the theory that shiny brook is the correct location. Also Brady was trying to locate the lightning struck tree on the moors when supposedly helping with the search, incidentally this is located between the cotton famine road and upperwood quarry (not far from hollin brown knoll) i dont for one moment imagine keith is buried there he had no intention of giving away the true location, he still has control whilst he remains undiscovered, however i do believe he wanted to find the tree to use as a vantage point to look down on the true site to make sure it was still undisturbed.

  • suzanne says:

    hello my name is suzanne onley,i am a spiritualist medium,on sat the 26 june, 2010 myself and a friend who is a developing medium felt that we needed to go to saddleworth moors,kieth in spirit form had been comin to keeley and myself,for a few months so we decided to go and see what we could pick up,whilst up there we did recieve allot of information on his last few hours of his life,if anyone would like to contact me concernig this or maybe to put me in the right direction,plse contact me on the email address above love and light suzanne

  • warren says:


    This is going to sound really weird and like a total nutter but here goes…
    When i first started driving over the A635 I used to sometimes imagine keith stood in the road,the same picture as the one everyone knows with the glassess.Knowing what ahppened on the moors and being a very rational person I just put this down to auto suggestion and over time stopped ‘seeing’ him.many years have now passed……
    About two months ago whilst driving back from Holmfirth as i passed the Ford pub and started to head over the moors I ‘saw’ an orange arrow in the sky pointing down with the word ‘HERE’
    It felt abit like one of those maps that says you are here very strange and quite funny (at first)
    Half adozen trips later and always in the same place it isnt funny anymore,its very spooky.
    Ive just spent a couple of hours on google earth,OS maps,etc and was stunned to find the area is actually Wessenden Head where I belive the search for KB is going on.
    Think what you like I’m not anutter or attention seeker just saying what i saw

  • clare G says:

    Hello Suzanne,
    I would very much like to get in contact with you. I have asked for my e mail address to be forwarded to you, as they are not published along with our comments. look forward to being in touch, Clare

  • warren says:

    I see you decided not to publish my posting from last night.Its ok it only took me 30 minutes to try and put into a context that made some sense.Can I suggest that you make it clear that this forum is only for armchair experts and psychics wanting to promote their latest books and ‘work’.Genuine people need not waste thier time posting comments then.

  • Richard says:

    Hi Warren,

    Sorry your first post didn’t get put up last night, it was my fault. I get hundreds of spam messages in the comments each day and sometimes I miss one or two genuine ones in amongst them. I apologise again that this happened to your comment, as you can see I’ve now published it above.

    On your remark about who is allowed to comment on this website, the answer is that anyone can. This is a local news site for Saddleworth, not a website purely about Keith Bennett, although inevitably there is the odd article on here about Keith. People are free to share their memories and thoughts about the case as they wish.


  • suzanne o says:

    hi clare G if you would like to contact me go on facebook and look my name up,send a friends request and i will get back to you love and light suzanne onley

  • Garmin says:

    Hi all

  • Garmin says:

    Has anyone the exact location where the bodies were buried please….?

  • Garmin says:

    Have they SEaRCHED ‘Far RouGH Clogh’ area>>>> OSGB SE 03200 06000 area yet?

  • jeffm says:

    hi im trying to reply to claire G i am the person who was talking to David Traynor. I just wanted to let you know. i have serched behind the wall near the stream sent maps to Manchester Evening News and to Winnie Johnson with no reply from either of them. I am still searching and still having the same dreams.

  • john says:

    did they ever work out possibly how brady worked out his burial sites. if im right its simple and works.also it gives a location for keith. my method places the 3 known graves within a few feet.its backed up by things myra said and pics from the time and some logic. course could be just coincidence.

  • nigel says:

    I going to saddleworth moor for you

  • nigel says:

    I am look for keith bennitt for mis jonhons

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