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Saddleworth School Location Poll – Revisit

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In Feb 2015 a poll was run by Saddleworth News regarding the preferred location of the new-built Saddleworth School.

Saddleworth News has decided to revisit the question to see if opinions have changed. This is just purely out of interest.

12 comments to Saddleworth School Location Poll – Revisit

  • Adele Brooks

    It just needs building

  • The pupils deserve a new school, it has gone on too long now, get it built.

  • Sue

    My son has just left Saddleworth and we was told before he started they would be getting a new school, just hope my daughter doesn’t leave before it’s actually built as it’s been going on far too long.

  • Dawn Rees

    Just build the school! It’s taken far too long now

  • Abi Bown

    The poll doesn’t really cover the issue – the school needs to be built and the Uppermill site isn’t viable. Just stop the delays and get it built.

  • Claire Hilton

    Diggle is the larger, flatter, cheaper and better site for the new school.
    Just build it already!

  • Uppermill central for all the villages Road into Diggle is not suitable Just get it sorted quickly

  • Debra Kidd

    Given that it can’t be built on the Uppermill site without significant disruption to learning and giving enough space for future pupils, Diggle is the only option. The five year delay has been shameful in my opinion. Just build the school.

  • Rob H

    Best thing that ever would happen to Diggle. As long as they get the road situation sorted i.e. Some compulsory land purchases. Done

  • Max

    The poll doesn’t really cover the issue – the school needs to be built and the Diggle site isn’t viable. Just stop the delays and get it built.

  • Val

    Get it sorted soon. My two sons are in their 30’s and a new school was needed then… my Grandchildren start infant school in September at this rate they will be ready for High school before something is sorted

  • Fed Up In Diggle

    This poll is irrelevant.

    The Uppermill site is smaller, the main building is on the elevated section at the rear where they can’t get construction traffic to (oh and land never moves does it), you can’t get a lorry up the driveway, you can’t turn the lorry around, it has to go through the entire planning process for how many months, there is less parking in the new plan, there is no access for emergency vehicles in the new plan? Talk about a compromised site … it’s Uppermill. I’m not going to factor in the common sense argument about construction traffic and kids… we all know that the driveway won’t cope, I mean can you imagine the traffic situation in Uppermill for 2 years while they have lorries in and out of the site! Hahaha!

    Diggle has had all but one point passed in a court of law. One … Once heritage has been ‘considered’ then this application will be passed and we can get on with a new school. Unfortunately, SDAG are no doubt going to find more ways to delay the school ultimately affecting the education of our kids.

    When they build the new car park for Diggle residents, the road will be much clearer for traffic in and out and if they build the separate access road that has been discussed then Diggle starts looking a great site!

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