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Saddleworth Police and Oldham Mountain Rescue Team work together in a rescue

(picture: Backpackingbongos)

Reporter: Judith Grinter

Police and  Mountain Rescue did a great job in responding to reports of a male sinking into a peat bog at the top of Chew Track above Dovestones.

On arrival a 56 yr old male from the Stalybridge area was found to be submerged to just below his waist in a peat bog and sinking further by the minute. The male had been stuck for around 60 minutes after stepping into the bog whilst out walking with a companion.

The Oldham Mountain Rescue team was scrambled and they arrived on the scene a short time later and the process began of digging the male out of the peat bog filling the void with heather as they progressed.

Large straps were placed around the males upper chest to hold him in place while the rescue took place and the male was eventually freed from the ground and pulled to safety. He was taken to the bottom of Chew Track where paramedics were waiting to meet him. The male was treated for exposure but was luckily uninjured.

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