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Saddleworth North monthly crime figures

Below are the Saddleworth North monthly crime figures provided by Greater Manchester Police.

Burglary Dwelling x 1 

Offenders use an unknown implements to obtain keys from stairs in the hallway through the letterbox via the hook and cane method. The offenders then use the keys to enter and start the vehicle which was parked on the drive and make off in unknown direction.

Burglary Other  x 8 

Dorset Avenue, Diggle – Offenders attempt to gain access to a detached garage.

Warth Mill, Diggle – Offenders cause damage to roller shutter door and gain access to unit stealing items from inside.

Sandy Lane, Dobcross – Offender gain access to a barn via the roof. Once inside they use a brick to smash the window of a tractor and then make off from scene.

Wool Road, Dobcross – Offender gains access to an unfinished property on building site, by smashing a ground floor window. A search is made of the building but nothing of value is stolen.

Shiloh Lane, Moorside – Offenders steal pedal cycle from detached garage.

Denshaw Road, Delph – Offenders enter building which is under renovation, they then search building stealing various tools from within.

Huddersfield Road, Waterhead – Offenders force door on secure building and steal items from within.

Offenders go to upper floor of show room and using step ladders bring down sheets of insulation which are intended for the roof. Offenders take the insulation out of the building and load into an unknown vehicle, making off in unknown direction.

Vehicle crime – Theft from a motor vehicle x 1 

Offenders force lock on parked, secure vehicle and steal property from within.

Criminal Damage x 4 

Holy Trinity School, Dobcross – offenders scale perimeter fence to rear of playground and use aerosol to spray graffiti on various items within the school grounds.

King Street, Delph – Offenders cause damage to shop window outer pane with unknown implement.

Stoneswood Road, Delph – Offenders cause damage to vehicle wing mirrors

Huddersfield Road, Waterhead – Offenders cause damage to ground floor bedroom window with an unknown object.

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