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Saddleworth In Bloom Judging Coming Up

The Old Bell won the pub award last year.

Judging in the annual Saddleworth In Bloom contest takes place a fortnight today, on Thursday 14 July.

Among the judges casting their eye over our area’s best gardens will be Parish Council Chairman Bill Cullen, and gardening expert Frank Ashton.

There are five categories as far as gardens are concerned: large, medium, small, container and community. There’s also an award for the Best Blooming Pub, which last year went to the Old Bell in Delph.

If you’d like to enter your own garden, or nominate someone else’s, get in touch with either Barbara or Hazel at the Parish Council offices.

They can be reached by phone on 01457 876665, or via e-mail at

Last year’s results can be seen in a Saddleworth News article here.

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