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Rushcart makes me feel ‘very proud’ says Bryn

Bryn and his wife Natalie stood by the rushcart -photo Stuart Littleford

Bryn and his wife Natalie at the front of the rushcart – photo Stuart Littleford

The father of PC Nicola Hughes of Saddleworth who was killed almost a year ago says he is very proud to have had the 2013 Saddleworth Rushcart dedicated to her.

Mr Hughes told Saddleworth News: “It is a very emotional day and I feel very proud, I am amazed at the things people have done, I am very pleased to see this rushcart, especially in the sunshine as well.

“If Nicola was here right now she would probably be stood at the bar, The Church Inn was one of her favourite places, she would be overwhelmed.”

His wife Natalie added: “I think it is nice to see something positive, there have been a lot of negative things since Nicola died, and this is something positive.”

Bryn is raising money to enter himself into a North Pole Marathon to raise more money for a number of charities.

More information about this marathon can be found at:

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