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Residents battle against rising flood waters in Saddleworth today

Residents on Delph New Road trying to stop the rising water from getting into their homes

Residents on Delph New Road trying to stop the rising water from getting into their homes

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Heavy rain has caused serious flooding in some parts of Saddleworth today with water levels in the River Tame rising to their highest in recent memory.

In Uppermill, the village park and children’s play area was submerged beneath two feet of water with a number of homes on School Street, off the High Street badly flooded.

The rising water level in the River Tame hit the underside of the road bridge on High Street for a while and ran above the level of the windows in a popular village café threatening to flood the building.

At Brownhill Vale in Uppermill, Saddleworth Spiritualist Church was left with water ruined carpets and kitchen units after river water poured into the building. A nearby small holding and allotment was also flooded.

A spokesperson for the church told Saddleworth News: “The flood water has ruined all the carpets in the bottom of the church and the units in the kitchen and the bill will probably run into thousands of pounds.

“The water was over a foot high inside at one point and we are lucky really as it just missed the electrics.”

On Dobcross New Road in Dobcross, homeowners battled to stop the water pouring into their homes and basements, with some blocking off the main road while they worked with pumps and buckets in an effort to hold back the flow.

Homes further up on Delph New Road were also badly affected, with residents having to make improvised barriers to try and protect their properties. A builders merchants across the road was also badly flooded leaving some residents concerned that a large gas main could rupture as it runs directly under the bridge in the yard.

In Greenfield there was significant flooding of the road at Well-I-Hole leading to its closure for a number of hours, nearby land was also flooded with farmers taking appropriate action to protect livestock and equipment.

A number of police officers were deployed to various locations around Saddleworth to assist people.

Relatives of a couple who had just moved into a property in Uppermill that was badly flooded contacted Saddleworth News to thank villagers for their kind help in assisting them clearing up.

They said: “They have only just moved in and it’s such a shame, but the people in the village have been magnificent in helping them out, we want to say thank you to them all.”

A spokesperson for Oldham Council told us they had deployed staff to a number of key locations in Saddleworth to try and unblock drains and would update us later.

Water levels have now begun to recede, but with more rain expected tonight and a number of flood warnings still in place, people are advised to travel only if essential.

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