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Police Issue Renewed Burglary Warning

Our local police officers have again urged local residents to report any suspicious behaviour, after burglaries were reported in three Saddleworth villages over the weekend.

Dobcross, Diggle and Greenfield were affected, with insecure properties in the Dobcross and Diggle incidents helping to let the criminals in. In Dobcross, the intruder was spotted while inside a home on Treetops Close and was chased off. Police later recovered a handbag and purse nearby.

Elsewhere, a man was arrested in Lees on Saturday on suspicion of going equipped to steal. Also in the Lees area, police have said that several churches have been targeted in recent weeks by criminals, and have told local people to be vigilant.

In other recent news, officers have revealed details of some incidents relating to car crime. A total of four Land Rovers have been targeted by thieves in Saddleworth in the past three weeks, and last week an Audi TT was stolen from Denshaw.

Meanwhile, a Springhead man was last week given an anti-social behaviour order. Harry Swindles has been banned from entering part of Springhead close to Huddersfield Road for two years, and must also avoid being violent or abusive.

To ring the Saddleworth and Lees police team directly call the Uppermill office on 0161 856 4524. The best number to use for out-of-hours calls is 0161 872 5050, but in an emergency, always dial 999.

You can get up-to-date information from our local officers from their website here, and their Twitter feed here.

One Comment

  • George says:

    “.. and must also avoid being violent or abusive.”

    Why do you need an ASBO for that. That’s what EVERYONE is supposed to do ALREADY!!

    ASBO’s are a joke. They are lists of things they must not do. Mostly things that already illegal and they shouldn’t be doing WITHOUT the ASBO.

    They are just pointless exercises so that officials can say they “are doing something” while in fact doing nothing of any use.

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