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Paula Wilcox in Saddleworth filming new TV drama

Paula Wilcox

Paula Wilcox

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

A Greenfield street was taken over last week by a film crew shooting scenes for a new TV drama starring well-known actress Paula Wilcox.

Butterworth Way in Greenfield

Butterworth Way in Greenfield

Paula, originally from Manchester, is probably best known for her role as ‘Chrissy’ in the popular 70s sitcom ‘Man About The house’ as well as having numerous other parts in television and film productions.

The filming of the new drama, which we are told is called ‘Living The Dream’, took place on Butterworth Way in the village.

Saddleworth News did contact Paula’s management to find out more information on the drama but for now they are staying tight-lipped!

1 comment to Paula Wilcox in Saddleworth filming new TV drama

  • Ian Coburn

    Just a pity they left all the direction signs up when they had finished. There are a string of luminous yellow arrows with a black H on them all the way from Ashton through Heyrod. When they did take away the signs near the location they just dropped the cable ties on the floor and left them. It would be interesting to know who the production company are so a question could be posed om social media regarding their attitude to litter and conservation.

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