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Oldham Labour Group to propose a motion calling for end to austerity at tomorrow’s Council meeting

Reporter: Allan Roach

The Oldham Labour Group will be proposing a motion calling for the end to austerity at tomorrow’s Oldham Council meeting.

The motion urges the Government to end the austerity programme which has had a massive detrimental impact on services, depressed wages and pushed more children in to poverty.



Councillor Chadderton, the proposer of the motion, told Saddleworth News: “This Government’s austerity programme has failed the people of Oldham. Amongst the hardest hit are our teachers, nurses and emergency services staff who will have faced a 12% cut in their real-term wages by 2020. This Government insults the British public by pretending that these cuts are necessary, yet simultaneously cutting corporation tax and cutting the top rate of tax for the highest earners in the country. It’s time for a change.”

In debating the motion, the Labour Group will point out the hardships faced by cuts to Oldham Council’s budget. “Since 2010, we have faced £192million of cuts to our budget, with the need to find an extra £50million by 2020”, states Councillor Abdul Jabbar MBE. “This is completely unsustainable for a Council like Oldham that does not have the tax base of places like Surrey County Council, for example, where a 1% rise in Council tax for them will bring in an extra £6million.  Further cuts will mean a deterioration of services that will hit those that need it the most, which is unacceptable and must be stopped before it’s too late”.

The motion recognises the cross-party consensus for an end to these cuts to Local Government by resolving to support the Conservative LGA Leader in his campaign against his party’s national policy.

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