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Ruby Anstee – Editor
Stuart Littleford – Reporter
Allan Roach – Reporter
George Wilson – Reporter and IT
Judith Grinter – Reporter

Past Articles

New team for Saddleworth News

Saddleworth News is now in the hands of new owners who will soon be appointing their own team to carry on bringing you the latest news and information from the local area.

Current editor, Stuart Littleford, will be stepping down due to other press and business commitments but says he hope the new owners and editorial staff will “carry on enthusiastically” with the site and continue to maintain the high level of readership it has gained over the years.

Stuart said: “I have really enjoyed reporting from the area and quite a few things have happened since I took over the site a few years ago, the Saddleworth School debate still rages on and now plans to develop hundreds of new houses near Springhead and Lees are causing concern.

“I am sure the new editor will want to look at these issues and many more as well as keeping readers informed about most of the major Saddleworth events throughout the year.

“Due to other business commitments I now have to step aside, although I may still have the chance to write the odd news article or break a local news story for the new editor from time to time!

“I would like to thank all our readers who have interacted with us by giving us their suggestions and opinions and who have helped the site to prosper over the years – I hope it continues to do so with the new team.”

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