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NEW – Artist in residence – we welcome textilist Claire Louise Mather

Saddleworth News and Life has been working with local artists, musicians and photographers for years, especially as there is such a wealth of them in the Saddleworth area. We now have the wonderful opportunity to introduce Claire Louise Mather to you who has offered to be our ‘Artist in Residence’. She will be bringing news of the Arts world in the area to the site and we thoroughly look forward to working with her. We are kicking off her introduction with her being our ‘Artist of the Month’ as well, so will  be sharing a few of her creations with you.
Ruby Anstee

Interview with Clare Louise Mather:

Claire, please tell us a little about yourself

I am a Manchester born artist and designer with a passion for stitch. I create threaded illustrations using my vintage sewing machine and found or reclaimed materials.
My work is strongly influenced by my background as a fashion graduate and the local Saddleworth area that I now call home.
I create sustainable art by exploring the transformative nature of exhausted materials through ascribing them a new status. Old maps, magazines and book pages are regenerated into a fabric canvas then, using the needle as a pen, minimalistic yet effective sketches are created using free machine embroidery.
By combining vintage publications, found materials and current fashion advertising campaigns this unusual artwork seamlessly blends photography, collage and textiles. The outcomes are designed to challenge preconceptions of traditional embroidery and blur the boundaries between illustration and textiles.

My first degree was Fashion at Manchester and later in life, after a decade as an independent fashion retailer, I became a textiles teacher and then a fashion tutor.

What is a typical day for you?

I don’t ever really have a ‘typical day’ as each day is always different. My days are generally busy, varied, fun, mostly exciting but sometimes frustrating too!
My old Bernina sewing machine is the first thing I see when I go into my studio space. It’s from the 1980’s and I literally bought it from a lovely man in the local pub! It’s where all my ideas come to life.

Where, apart from on Saddleworth News and Life and on social media can we see more of your work? 

I have exhibited locally and nationally and over the coming year I will be running artist workshops and selling my work online, which is something completely new for me.
My work is currently in an exhibition art Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge and I also have a solo exhibition at Saddleworth Museum and Art Gallery from 5th May to 3rd June 2018 which I am thrilled about as this was where I held my first ever exhibition four years ago.

Surprise us! 
I’m not sure if this is a surprising thing or unusual for artists but I really struggle when naming my work. If anyone has some handy hints they’d be very welcome!

Please keep an eye out for further posts and art work from Claire over the coming weeks.

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