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Mystery Over Sediment In River Tame At Uppermill

Sediment in the River Tame last week. (picture: Dave Boulton)

It’s not clear what caused a brown sediment which was spotted in the River Tame at Uppermill last week.

Passer-by Dave Boulton took this picture about 25m downstream from the viaduct. He told Saddleworth News the sediment stretched down towards the park and stepping stones.

Dave was concerned the sediment might have been caused by the gas main replacement roadworks, currently taking place near the viaduct, and spoke to the workers on the site about it.

When Saddleworth News later contacted National Grid, a spokeswoman said their engineers had double checked their safety procedures, and didn’t believe the sediment had anything to do with the work.

Environment Agency officials also went down to the river to have a look, but by the time they visited, the sediment had dispersed. A spokeswoman said it didn’t appear to be anything to be worried about.

She added that the Agency was always happy to check out any concerns along these lines that members of the public may have.

You can find more details about how to contact the Environment Agency at its website here. Information about the gas main replacement roadworks can be found in a Saddleworth News article here.

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