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More snow brings chaos to Saddleworth

A motorist digs his way out of the snow on Platting Road. Photo: Stuart Littleford.

Heavy snow over the last two days has brought chaos to Saddleworth with roads blocked and cars stranded.

A man digs his vehicle out of the snow at Standedge, Diggle. Photo: Stuart Littleford.

A motorist on Platting Road, decides to turn around. Photo: Stuart Littleford.

Continued snow last night and early this morning saw motorists stranded on Platting Road at Lydgate, drivers either abandoned their vehicles or tried to dig them out, the story was the same on the A62 Standedge Road at Diggle, and on the A635 Holmfirth Road.

Gritters have made clearing the main routes the priority, with many back roads now impassable.

Last night a HGV became stranded at Denshaw as it tried to make its way to Junction 22 of the M62.

There have not been any reports of serious incidents but drivers are advised to make only essential journeys.


  • J McKenzie says:

    Why on earth do drivers insist on going out when the weather is so bad ? Understandable if it is an emergency or an essential worker ie doc/midwife but why put others in danger by having to rescue you?

  • MrMagoo says:

    I presume people go out because employers insist that you come into work regardless of the weather.

  • S Forest says:

    It’s a little bit of snow, get over it. As usual
    all over hyped about how bad it was.
    Of course employers expect people to get
    to work, you are paid to do a job.
    Typical of most people around here, any
    excuse not to go to work and still expect
    to be paid.
    Grow a spine and get on with life

  • Geoff at Greenfield says:

    S.Forest. Very well said. It’s about time somebody put this hyped up business into perspective. Goodness knows what inhabitants of really cold countries think of us.

  • nick says:

    they think why don’t you get a grip ?

    you know the tyre chain sort

  • MrMagoo says:

    S forest.
    And where did i say that people that do not attend work demand to be paid?
    Learn to read before issuing offensive statements.
    For your information i have missed one day in over 30 years employment due to snow. The snow was too deep to drive a car in, public transport was not running and i’m not prepared to walk over 7 miles in the snow and then stand all day in wet clothing in a cold workplace.
    As i did not work i did not expect to be paid.

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