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Lorry crashes on A635 Holmfirth Road above Greenfield this afternoon

The HGV in the ditch. Photo: Stuart Littleford.

A lorry has crashed this afternoon on Saddleworth Moor above Greenfield.

The accident happened at around 3.30pm as the lorry was travelling from Holmfirth towards Greenfield on the A635.

Emergency services at the scene. Photo: Stuart Littleford.

It is thought the driver lost control of the vehicle which ended up in a ditch, shedding its load of scrap metal.

Police attended along with a recovery truck and the road was closed in both directions for half an hour whilst the wagon was recovered.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police told Saddleworth News: “At approximately 3.30pm this afternoon, a 7.5 tonne lorry lost control and crashed into a ditch on the A635 Road above Greenfield, it ended up shedding its load of scrap metal. Thankfully no one has been injured.”

We understand the road is now open again in both directions.

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