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Local charity to join big names in new fundraising service

Bryn Hughes - please to be chosen by uGive

Bryn Hughes – please to be chosen by uGive

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

A Saddleworth based charity has been chosen from thousands around the UK to be included in a new national charity fund raising service.

The PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, based in Delph, was chosen to be listed as one of only thirty five charities that people can donate to when using the new uGive service. Other well known charities already on the list include well-known names such as Cancer Research UK, Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Stroke Association and many more.UGive_Logo_CMYK_Hi_Res

Users of the new service sign up to receive free information on topics that interest them ranging from gardening, fashion, politics, sport, to model building and electronics, the organisation then sends the relevant information to the subscriber and donates around 20 pence per mailing to the users chosen charity.

It’s a great way for the public to “support charities close to their hearts” say uGive as well as receiving free information on topics that interest them.

A spokesperson for uGive told Saddleworth News: “Firstly, there are no costs whatsoever for participation. Nothing now, or ever. uGive provides an open, ethical, democratic, controllable, free and rewarding solution. You give us some basic information, tell us what you are interested in and we will pay a charity of your choice each and every time we contact you with something we think will be of interest. You control what you tell us, how often we contact you and can see how much money you have made for your charity. Together we can make a difference to the world, the economy, the vulnerable and to you. Help us give money to charity, paid for by businesses who want to communicate with you.

“We are proud to have included the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund to our list of charities this week, their aims and objectives fit our criteria exactly allowing us to support them, we look forward to helping them with their excellent work now and into the future.”

Bryn Hughes, chief executive of the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, told Saddleworth News: “I think it’s a good way for people to give to the charities they support whilst at the same time receiving information about things they are interested in, the service is free to use and they get to choose which charities receive the money.

“To be included on the list of alongside the big household names by uGive is just brilliant – I’m very pleased indeed.”

To find out more about uGive and to subscribe to the service free of charge please visit:

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