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Land grab: Councillor John McCann slams Oldham Council’s proposals to reallocate dozens of sites in Saddleworth for development

Cllr John McCann

Cllr John McCann

Local Liberal Democrat Councillor John McCann has told Saddleworth News he is advising local residents that if the innocuous sounding Site Allocation Report is agreed by Oldham Council next month, land use zoning for these sites will be re-designated. When planning applications follow in years to come, the battle to stop these developments will already be lost.

Councillor John McCann says some of the most horrendous proposals include:

1. Building houses on Shaw Street Primary School’s playing field in Greenfield

2. Building houses on the highest category flood risk land next to the canal, near the Sewage works off Shaw Hall Bank Road – do we really want Greenfield to become the next Somerset Levels?

3. Building housing or commercial development by extending Uppermill Centre to include the nature pond, wooded hillside and bus turnround behind Warburton Court

4. Building housing on the highly visible mature woodland between Sumershades and the bend in Oldham Road in Grasscroft

5. Building housing on the wooded slope between Oaklands Road/Oldham Road and the railway line near Greenfield Station – the last unbuilt gap between Greenfield and Grasscroft

6. Utter confusion as the Report mixes up  two large sites at Fletcher’s former Paper Mill near Dove Stone reservoir with Knoll Mill/Frenches Wharf off Wellington Road, Greenfield in the description sections – this error must be corrected and the proposals for these two sites must be re-advertised”

Councillor McCann has written to Oldham Council’s Planning Officer objecting to these and many other proposals in the Report.

Councillor McCann says “It is absolutely vital that local residents make their objections to Oldham Council by 28th February. The Report can be read at Greenfield and Uppermill Libraries and Oldham Council’s website.”

Councillor John McCann, Saddleworth South Ward, 31a Wool Road, Dobcross. – 01457 875459

10 comments to Land grab: Councillor John McCann slams Oldham Council’s proposals to reallocate dozens of sites in Saddleworth for development

  • Saddleworth Voice

    Transparent Councillor John McCann?

    “Councillor John McCann says some of the most horrendous proposals include . . ”

    You seem to have omitted Diggle?

    What is your reason for this?

  • Happy Diggle Resident

    Saddleworth Voice – that’s because Diggle is sorted , the new school that is imminent will do us nicely ( Regardless of how much time and effort SDAG waste on this , it’s a done deal )

  • Happy Diggle Resident

    Diggle is more than happy to welcome the new school that is imminent , regardless of what SDAG think , say and waste their time objecting too.

  • Saddleworth Voice, I was thinking the same thoughts I wonder why he has conveniently forgotten the school being built on a flood plain, on greenfield and greenbelt sites in Diggle most of the comments he mentions happening elsewhere but seems to have forgotten Diggle very peculiar.

  • John Trickett

    John McCann is spot on re these proposals. If sufficient comments are not provided against some of the land re-designations then Saddleworth may sleep walk into changes that will change the whole character of the area, becoming another overdeveloped suburb of Oldham.
    This initiative is not though the sole responsibility of OMBC but a government scheme to identify building land across the whole of the UK, but that doesn’t make it right or less threatening.
    Some in the council may see it as an opportunity to maximise residential build in Saddleworth, therefore maximising council tax income (the proposed re-use of Saddleworth School for residential devlopment being an example of this).
    No-one who loves Saddleworth for its character, green belt and heritage will want this.
    Therefore it is vital that as many people as possible voice their concerns about land re-designaions in their particular area. Please take the time this week.

  • elaine buckley

    Does it not seem like a complete waste of time protesting. The powers that be will do what they want anyway. They only pretend we have a voice. One day someone will turn round and say Oh yes Saddleworth what a shame it used to be nice there!! Good luck everyone you need it

  • Saddleworth

    Elaine , I do think protesting is not good. . People should be working with OMBC or joining them if they think they can do a better job . Why vote people into power if you think you can do a better job !
    We cannot stay stuck in a time warp .
    I think it is a bit over dramatic to say shame Saddleworth used to be nice .
    Saddleworth will always be a beautiful place to live or visit . A few extra mod cons , new school and some new housing is not going to spoil village life , communities and the vast scenic views surrounding us . Drive along Huddersfield rd Scouthead and down Wallhill Dobcross and you will see quite a lot of what Saddleworth has to offer .

  • Geoff at Greenfield

    Fortunately quite a lot of the most beautiful areas of Saddleworth (and sadly within Oldham MBC catchment and not managed by Yorkshire!) comprise the Peak District National Park. The National Park Authority for that area overrules Oldham MBC no matter what they would like to do and for that we should be grateful.

  • John Trickett

    In the last 2 days I received a copy of a report from OMBC officials (regarding a matter local to the Grasscroft area) which states:
    ‘A full consultation exercise was carried out to approximately 110 addresses. Seven responses were received which would indicate 100+ residents who did not respond would not be opposed to the scheme’.

    So beware, not responding to the Site Allocation report will be treated by the council as agreement to it.

    (In reality I spoke to some of the 100+ residents who didn’t respond and everyone I spoke to said words to the effect ‘I thought it was such an daft idea I didn’t think they’d do it’. Hmmm, that’s obviously not the way this council thinks)

  • Jo

    I left Saddleworth 15 years ago but am now wanting to return. The threat of more development in an already over-crowded area is worrying and the suspicion that OMBC will do as they like, whatever the consequences, is valid given evidence from the past. I was brought up in Grotton, surrounded by woods and farmland; it was a very beautiful place to live then. In the 1990s I lived in Springhead and was active in trying to stop more development there. As I remember we had more than enough signatures on the petition to stop the development, all to no avail. I remember being very upset because the council made residents feel they were not being listened to at all. I seem to remember OMBC had agreed in principal for the site to be used for a large industrial unit – residents managed to stop that because access on Walkers Lane by huge articulated lorries arriving day and night would have compromised safety. OMBC were not concerned about noise or nuisance to local residents. In the end they built yet another huge housing estate on the site and the next few years were plagued with faulty burglar alarms and increased traffic. We all know the UK population has increased dramatically in the last decade or so and yes, people have to live somewhere, but Saddleworth has always been a target for development because there’s high profits to be made. It always astounds me when I see all the un-developed land around Mossley, Moorside and Rochdale – why not build there and give Saddleworth a break!