Inspiral Carpets Singer Backs Labour

(left to right) Emmerdale actor John Middleton, Labour candidate Debbie Abrahams, Coronation Street's David Neilson and Inspiral Carpets frontman Tom Hingley, pictured at Tesco on Huddersfield Road yesterday.

The frontman of legendary Oldham band Inspiral Carpets has urged local people to support Labour in tomorrow’s by-election. Tom Hingley was joined by two well-known soap actors in backing candidate Debbie Abrahams.

Speaking to Saddleworth News at a Labour event at Tesco on Huddersfield Road yesterday, Mr Hingley, who teaches at Salford University, said he was particularly concerned about the coalition government’s policy on higher education.

He said: “If you look at tuition fees of £6,000 or £9,000 a year. It’s all very well getting out equations and saying in ten years time somebody who stands on one leg and points eastwards might not pay more, but it’s going to put people off from poorer backgrounds.”

Mr Hingley added: “It won’t work, it’ll be a disaster, and we’ll end up losing 30% of higher education capacity in the UK. The parts of it that don’t disappear, say that you’re charging £6,000 a year, £2,000 will be used to tart up the foyer of the colleges to make them look like the set of Ugly Betty, because teaching won’t be important.”

He continued: “We’re being run by total philistines. Everywhere you look, libraries are being closed down. That’s a really serious threat to the knowledge-based economy in the UK.”

Tom Hingley (right) speaks to Oldham Community Radio.

Urging local voters to support Labour, Mr Hingley commented: “Alright it’s just (Oldham East and) Saddleworth, but every election matters. And really the other two parties have got no idea of how to deal with the present, they’ve got no idea how to deal with the future.”

He added: “We have to afford education, we have no choice, we have to fund it. And it’s not a matter for idiots who don’t know how to run a higher education system to deputise and make decisions over, because they’re just not right… people had better vote Labour, because it’s the only party who’ve got a song in town at the moment.”

Also announcing their support for Labour yesterday were David Neilson, who plays Roy Cropper in Coronation Street, and John Middleton, better known as Ashley Thomas from Emmerdale.

You can hear Tom Hingley’s thoughts in full here.

Full coverage of the by-election from Saddleworth News, including interviews with candidates and other senior political figures, can be found here.


  • Tim Hill says:

    So because 3 celebrities who support Labour who have no idea how tod eal with the debt think local people should support a candidate from the same party !
    Life gets totally surreal sometimes.

  • Geoff Frost says:

    I agree Tim Hill. Why they think these three characters will persuade voters is beyond me. I don’t know any of them.

    One thing annoyed me yesteday about Abrahams on television. She was asked by a class of school kids what cuts in the budget she would make. Her answer: “What I woudln’t do is make the sort of cuts that the government are making”. In other words she failed to answer the question. The more I listen to the non-answers from this woman the more I despair. She seems incapable of giving direct answers prefering to sidestep them by quoting the opposition. She’s obviously well trained in press relations on how to deal with questions by not giving a straight forward answer.

  • nick Georgiou says:

    at least none of tem are comedians -unlike your sorry lot

  • I would certainly not be persuaded by Celebrity endorsements of particular political parties. The idea that an actor or singer has, by virtue of their profession, a better knowledge of politics than someone not in the public eye has no logical basis. David Bowie was accused of making comments sympathetic to the National Front. Would that mean that Bowie fans at the time should have trooped out and voted for them? Parties that trot out celebrities clearly have a low opinion of the electorate and their capability to make rational, informed choices!

  • Christopher Clayton says:

    What does the previously unknown Mr. Hingley teach at Salford University. Judging by his comments, it would seem not to be anything involving logic or academic rigour.

  • Ian Tilton says:

    The article clearly states that the singer Tom Hingley is also a teacher at Salford University. I think this gives his concern and awareness about the sorry state of higher education some genuine weight, Mr Harrington.

  • John says:

    I’m still waiting for the answer to the question put to Debbie and Ed and anyone else in Labour. Does anyone know the answers or shall I just make them up?

  • nick says:

    Her’s one for Elwyn

    when you lose will you move out of Delph?

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