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Greenfield Primary School drop-in session for public views on new build plans

An early architectural impression of the new-build Greenfield Primary School.

An early architectural impression of the new-build Greenfield Primary School.

Oldham Council is inviting members of the public to give their views on plans to build a new Greenfield Primary School.

Residents, staff and parents are being urged to attend a drop-in session on Thursday, January 14 which will showcase the proposals that aim to boost primary school places in the Saddleworth area.

The local authority is responding to an unprecedented rise in the number of children needing primary school places and in 2014 it invested in creating more primary school places across the borough.

A budget provision of £13.5m was made available in March 2014 to deliver a new three form-entry-build primary school for Oldham (on the former Grange School site in Rochdale Road) – and the expansion of primary school places in Failsworth, Hollinwood, Saddleworth and Lees.

The new two-storey school for two-forms of entry will be on the school playing fields and then the existing Greenfield Primary School is set to be demolished so that the existing school site can be converted into playing fields.

It is proposed that a planning application will be made for these works next month – with a target of having the new building completed for September 2017.

This move will ultimately increase the school’s pupil intake from 30 per year to 60 per year.

Cabinet agreed to the proposals when it met in December, 2015.

This Thursday’s consultation event will have school, council and Unity Partnership representatives on hand to answer any questions.

Date: Thursday, January 14

Time: 3.30pm-5pm (Reserved for parents, staff and governors) and 6pm-7.30pm (members of the public)

Address: Greenfield Primary School, Shaw St, Oldham, Lancashire OL3 7AA

One Comment

  • Lyn James says:

    I went to this school as a child of 9 and would, even then have been utterly mortified at the appauling architecture. Is there anyone left in Saddleworth, that cares about these disgusting buildings. Just because the red brick disease ran ammock in the 40’s we don’t have to make things worse.I know there isn’t much left in Saddleworth to protect but for pitys sake take some pride in the bits that are left and stop adding to the dross, it will be too late once its up.

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