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Daniel Parker is Forty3.

Saddleworth NewsDaniel Parker is a young entrepreneur following his passion to design websites and help people with their online presence. His design business is Forty3. Saddleworth News wanted to find out a little more:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m based in Chadderton, Oldham but design websites for anyone in the Uk. 12 months ago I moved to the Oldham area and like being here.

How did you end up designing websites? 

From a young age, I was always into Rock and Roll music. I had a teacher at school who was into the same sort of music. He was a creative influence on me and he also designed websites based on the sort of music he likes. He used to show me how to build websites, and then I started designing websites when I was about 14. 

Where did the name Forty3. come from?

It’s the number of my house – as simple as that.Saddleworth News

What sets you apart from others? 

We help businesses grow by building websites, logos, branding and more. We believe in building enduring relationships with our communities. We do this because we have a passion of all things design and media and have ambitions of working with and creating the brands of tomorrow. At busy times, it’s difficult to appear active online, so I take photos and share others on Instagram.

What do you love about the area in which you live?

I like the estate I live in and I’ve moved here so I’m close to my family.

Tell us something to surprise us.

My background, I haven’t gone to University or College. I was a car technician, and I just threw it all to the side and went into this and it’s worked! That’s my surprise.

If you’d like to find out more about Daniel his website is 

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