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Firefighters tackle large moorland fire above Uppermill

The fire above Uppermill

The fire above Uppermill

Reporter: Stuart Littleford

Firefighters are tackling a large moorland fire above Uppermill and Greenfield this afternoon.

The fire started at around 2.00pm and quickly spread across dry moorland from Greenfield towards Uppermill.

Twenty-five firefighters and five appliances are currently at the scene along with an incident command unit. They are being assisted by Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, the RSPB and the National Trust.

Incident Command Officer, Paul Whittaker, from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service told Saddleworth news: “We have a wildfire up on the moorland with five appliances deployed and a control unit, we are working to bring the fire under control, the terrain is very difficult and the wind is helping to spread the fire.

“We are working hard at the moment to control the fire.

“We have a wildlife assessment officer on the moors who will be getting information back to me very soon and if required we can get more resources here.”

1 comment to Firefighters tackle large moorland fire above Uppermill

  • james perry

    Let’s hope this incident shows how fast fire can travel over Mooreland and spread to an out of control fire wich professional crew do find difficult to keep under control, so let’s remember if your gonna have a fire/ bbq on the hills of saddleworth make sure you keep your eye on it and if it starts to get out of hand, make sure you call the fire brigade.

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