Facebook’s drastic changes that will affect your reader experience

Ruby Anstee – Editor-in-Chief

Facebook is about to make some major changes to your experience to improve the ‘meaningfulness’ of the site.

The aim is apparently to highlight posts that Facebook considers ‘meaningful’ and reduce the emphasis on others, such as news stories which could shrink your news source. Apparently adverts on the site will continue, ‘meaningful’ or not, and  businesses that connect with customers without paying on the site, will also feel the pain.  The changes are intended to allow people to see posts that they “care about” and want to interact with, CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed. But it’s probably also aimed to prevent the phenomenon of “context collapse”, where people have stopped sharing as much information about themselves, information that is useful to the organisation.

Saddleworth News and Life is very aware of the need to interact with readers and to provide stimulating and interesting stories as well as the shocking news stories. We hope this is bringing our long term and recently many new readers an engaging experience.  This also boosts Facebook’s revenue as it helps to make the social media site the place to ‘hang out’.

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Thank you for your support!! 

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