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Events Explore History Of Crompton Moor

Crompton Moor

A series of events will take place in the coming weeks, related to the ongoing archaeological survey of Crompton Moor.

The survey, organised by Oldham Council, Shaw and Crompton Parish Council, and the University of Salford, is aimed at finding out more about the area, in part so a heritage trail can be constructed to benefit visitors.

A lecture about the survey takes place this coming Thursday at St Paul’s Methodist Church on Rochdale Road in Shaw, starting at 7pm.

Then, on Saturday 9 April, an archaeologist working on the survey will lead a walk across the moor, starting at the Brushes Clough car park. Anyone interested in booking a place is asked to ring 0161 770 4056.

A consultation to get the public’s views on the survey and its results will then take place on Saturday 7 May at the Shore Edge Church on Buckstones Road.

There’s more information in a statement from the council here. The Friends of Crompton Moor, a group of local moor users, has a blog here.

Past stories about Crompton Moor from Saddleworth News can be read here.

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