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Duck as the traffic flies past in Uppermill

Church Rd Saddleworth Reporter: Ruby Anstee

There are doubts by locals as to whether new signs that have been put up by the council will make a difference to the safety of the wildlife in the Village. After ducks were recently hit by cars driving in Uppermill, unofficial ‘Geese in the Road’ signs were erected by local residents. The signs were mysteriously removed, and official ones have now appeared.

The new warning signs have been put up at the end of New Road, the beginning of Church Road near the Village Pond. The small watery haven, found on Church Road Uppermill, is home to a couple of white geese and a brace of ducks. These birds regularly walk on the road adjoining the pond.

At certain times of the year the residents of the pond are joined by migrating Canada geese, and the original ducks and geese seem to feel the need for space, hence moving around the immediate area. They have taken to grazing on the Village green next to the Saddleworth Medical Practice and the grassy area opposite the Methodist Church, which involves jay walking across Church Road.Saddleworth news ducks

Angela Gray of New Road, Uppermill, told Saddleworth News “I do think something needed to be done as it’s difficult to get out of the Church Road junction, cars were flying around the bend. “It’s an accident waiting to happen! “I think the drivers are taking notice of the sign. “I have just watched several cars who have slowed down but the bus went whizzing by.”

Martin Rhodes, a local Postman from Mossley, told Saddleworth News “They drive too fast. You could put a big pink wall across [the road] and it wouldn’t make any difference [ to the speed of drivers].”

A spokesman from Oldham Council said “The signs that have been erected are to warn motorists of the presence of ducks/geese crossing the road so they can adjust their driving speed accordingly through the area.”

Saddleworth News is wondering what measures it will take to ensure the safety of the wildlife, pedestrians and other motorists in the area. What about one of these signs in the video?…


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