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Dr Kershaw’s choir ‘Stands Together’ with Choirs of Purpose with hopes of No.1

Reporter : Judith Grinter

Dr Kershaw’s very own choir, the Kershaw’s Crooners, along with other choirs from across the UK have joined forces to create the compilation album ‘Stand Together’ for release Christmas 2017. Choirs with Purpose will also be releasing one epic single that brings together all voices from all ten choirs.

You may have recently heard about The Parrs Wood High School Choir who came together to perform with Ariana Grande at One Love Manchester after the Manchester Arena Bombings being involved in a hopeful bid for a number one this Christmas. The Kershaw Crooners have also been involved. Saddleworth News is helping them to sing about their involvement.

Pop Idol winner and presenter Michelle McManus is to lead an epic UK-wide collaborative choir of 1400 voices from 12 “Choirs With Purpose” on a modern-day reworking of Sir Paul McCartney’s classic ‘We All Stand Together”, which is being released in aid of 11 charities on Friday 24 November.

Each track of the album will feature a different solo artist from the world of show business. Our two tracks will be “My Heart Will Go On” and “We All Stand Together”

Vicky Stackhouse, Communications and events fundraiser told Saddleworth News : “The Crooners had a great day recording but we need your readers support to buy the album. The aim is to hit the Christmas charts on release day, which is Friday 15th December.

So don’t be stuck for a Christmas present this year, buy one with a

Jude Gidney Photography

purpose! And let’s get it to No.1!!


Pre-order the album now please visit:



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