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Denshaw Village Cinema: New films announced

Denshaw Village Hall

Denshaw Village Hall

Denshaw Village Cinema has released information about films they will be showing between January and April 2014.

They were chosen at a Film Selection Party of regular patrons which was held at the beginning of December and represent the best of the best of recent films.

There will be two showings of each film – at 6.00pm and 8.15pm and refreshments with hot and cold drinks, wines and beers being available 30 minutes before each showing. Prices remain unchanged at £5 for Adults and £4 for Season Ticket Holders.

Saturday 4 Jan, Behind the Candelabra, Light drama, shockingly funny (15)

Story of Liberace and the love of his crazy, surreal life. Astonishing casting: Alpha male Michael Douglas as the pianist and Matt Damon as the boy he seeks to mould in his own ‘perfect’ image.

Saturday 18 Jan, What Maisie Knew (15)

A truly marvellous film of a Henry James story, updated to the present day. Told from the point of view of a seven year old child, who is therefore in every scene. Steve Coogan and Julianne Moore as her self absorbed parents going through a vicious breakup head an excellent cast.

Saturday 1 Feb, About Time (12A)

Hit comedy from Richard Curtis, creator of ‘Four We3ddings and a Funeral’ and several other British successes. Strong cast includes the ever popular Bill Nighy and Lindsay Duncan.

Saturday 15 Feb, Le Weekend (12A)

Lovely British two-hander about a ‘typical’ couple (Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent) reliving their honeymoon on a trip to Paris and bringing passion back into their marriage.

Saturday 1 Mar, Captain Phillips (12A)

Highly acclaimed performance by Tom Hanks as the captain of a merchant ship hijacked off Somalia. Opening film of this last Autumn’s London Film Festival and a box office winner – from UK director Paul Greengrass.

Saturday 15 Mar, Gravity (12A)

Hugely acclaimed drama set in orbit around the earth as astronauts Sandra Bullock and George Clooney get into perilous difficulty.  Science FACT really and mesmerising cinema.

Saturday 29 Mar, Philomena (12A)

From the director of ‘The Queen’ and as likely to be a similar mega-hit. Judi Dench as the Irish woman searching for the son taken from her when a baby and assisted by Steve Coogan’s journalist. Funny, beautifully done on all levels. Even if you see this film in the commercial cinema you will want to see it again – its that sort of film. 

Saturday 12 April, Last Vegas (12A)

Four old friends reunite to celebrate one of their number’s wedding in Las Vegas. Four geriatric actors: De Niro, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas, this time with his usual macho self, come together and thoroughly enjoy themselves, as will you.

Contact details: Sharon McGladdery, 01457 870348 or Alan Roughley at 01457 870074 or email:


  • Danny says:

    This is awesome news! How big is the screen tho? 🙂

  • Elaine says:

    Hi Danny, the screen is quite large and the sound is terrific have been several times and can say its always been an enjoyable evening depends on film of course. Well worth going.

  • Cathryn says:

    The screen is a great size. I went for the first time last week and was very impressed. Already planning next three visits with friends.

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