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Crash Blocks Oldham Road At Lydgate

The scene at Lydgate this morning. (picture: Simon Mayer)

Oldham Road at Lydgate was closed by police during this morning’s rush hour, after a car crash in the middle of the roadworks.

One vehicle was involved, and it hit a lamppost. An ambulance was called by nearby workmen, who are carrying out retaining wall repairs between Lydgate and Grotton, at about 8:20am.

The driver of the car was then taken to hospital. No immediate word on their condition was available, but the driver wasn’t thought to be seriously injured. (UPDATE 1/9: The police later confirmed that the driver suffered minor injuries)

Oldham Road was down to one lane anyway because of the roadworks. According to Greater Manchester Police, it had to be closed completely because of concerns the lamppost might fall over.

A police spokeswoman added that the car involved in the crash had been recovered by 9:30am.

The picture of this morning’s scene was sent in by Saddleworth News reader Simon Mayer, and is reproduced with his permission.

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