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Concern Over Bikers Using Lark Hill At Dobcross

(picture: Cllr Ken Hulme)

Anyone who sees off-road bikers using Lark Hill above Dobcross has been urged to reported the matter to countryside officers and the police.

There have been several reports recently of people using scrambling bikes in and around the disused Lark Hill Quarry.

Parish councillor Ken Hulme sent in this photo of damage at the site, and said he was worried the beauty spot was being turned into a “muddy racetrack.”

He commented: “The old quarry off Lark Hill Lane has developed a rich habitat in which many birds nest and hares inhabit. This is being destroyed by off-road vehicles and motorbike scrambling which is eroding the soil and destroying the fauna and flora.”

Cllr Hulme, who lives nearby in Delph, added: “What used to be a quiet beauty spot is now being turned into a blot on the landscape. Not only is the area becoming a muddy mess it appears that stone walls are being damaged as stone is removed to give the vehicles better purchase on the muddy tracks when they become stuck.”

His comments follow a letter recently published in the Dobcross Diary, written by Jennie Lancashire, an Apprentice Countryside Ranger at the Brownhill Centre. She said she’d received “several reports” of scramblers and motorbikers in the area.

She wrote: “This is particularly worrying at this time of year when the grass is growing and is needed for the cows and silage making. A lot of time and resources are spent on these fields. Once flattened and damaged in this way it will not recover and will ultimately affect grazing and forage for the milk cows.”

She added: “I recently caught two bikers in the ‘quarry field’ on Lark Hill Lane. I explained that the land is private, but they were unrepentant, aggressive and threatening. The police have been informed but in order to stop this catching on we would urge all villagers to keep their eyes open and we would urge anyone who sees bikers in the fields to report it.”

Jennie can be contacted at the Brownhill Centre on 01457 872598.

You can also ring our local police team in Uppermill on 0161 856 4525. The best number to use for out-of-hours calls in 0161 872 5050, but in an emergency, always dial 999.

Old editions of the Dobcross Diary can be accessed via the archive page on the Diary’s website here.

If you’ve got any information or thoughts about this issue, you can also leave a comment below this article.

One Comment

  • Angela says:

    Why can’t prohibitive signs be displayed and the area fenced off I have tried to contact the police several times to no avail. Also to confront these people could have risks.

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