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Chance To Learn Dry Stone Walling

New courses aimed at teaching the basics of dry stone walling are being offered in Saddleworth. Oldham Council and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers have joined forces to offer the training, for which no experience is needed.

The sessions will take place close to the Dowry Reservoir near Denshaw. A series of eight weekend training courses will run over the coming year, with four in September and another four in 2012. Each weekend course costs £20, with students or the unemployed paying £10.

More information, including quotes from Oldham Council Cabinet member Cllr Dave Hibbert, are available in a statement from the council here.

To talk to someone about the scheme or to sign up, call the Brownhill Centre on 0161 770 3075, or send an e-mail to:

2 comments to Chance To Learn Dry Stone Walling

  • John Brooks

    Shame that all the current walling going on has a concrete core and is not real dry stone walling.

  • Lesson 1: How to build a dry stone wall
    Lesson 2: How to obtain Government funding to repair a dry stone wall
    Lesson 3: How to destroy and rebuild a dry stone wall, irrespective of its current condition and long term maintenance requirements
    Lessons 4-8: How to ensure that the above is applied on such a grand scale on multiple key routes, so that it causes the maximum possible inconvenience

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