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Past Articles

Delph Donkey, a point in history for our beautiful path

Saddleworth Places

Reporter: Judith Grinter

The Delph Donkey Railway Line was closed this day (4 Nov) in 1963. The rail was taken up a year later, the remenants of the line removed including the station masters house in Delph, and since then the local people have used it as a recreational path and enjoy taking in the air of Saddleworth along it.

The area of Saddleworth is well known as a beautiful place to live in, work in and to […]

Christmas Light Switch-ons

Christmas Lights and when they’re being switched on in our area 2017:

Springhead Friday 1 December, 6pm Junction of Ashbrook Road and Oldham Road

Greenfield Saturday 25 November, 7pm Intersection of bridleway with Chew Valley Road

Lees Saturday 2 December, 4.30pm Across from Legends pub, junction of St. John Street and High Street

Uppermill Saturday 2 December, 4–4.30pm Uppermill Museum and Uppermill Square

Delph Saturday 2 December, 5.30pm The Swan Pub, Kings Street and Millgate car park

Denshaw December […]

Timings for the Saddleworth Rushcart 2017

Reporter Ruby Anstee Route and Times of the Saddleworth Rushcart Celebrations this weekend (26 and 27 Aug 2017)

… (please note, times are approximate)


Sponsored by Buffalo UPVC

From 9:30 Uppermill Square; a few admin bits before Saddleworth Morris Men perform the Rushcart Dance. 10:15 Depart Uppermill Square to arrive Greenfield (opposite King Bill IV) 10:45 High Street to Chapel Lane to Chew Valley Road. 11:30 Depart Greenfield to arrive Uppermill Square 12:00 Chew Valley Road to Wellington […]

Dobcross as featured in ‘Yanks’ in 1978.

Saddleworth News Yanks

This weekend sees the 17th annual Yanks event taking place mainly in the Saddleworth Villages of Dobcross and Uppermill. It is a celebration connected to the fact that the film Yanks was filmed in part in the Village of Dobcross, Saddleworth.

Thanks to local Store Manager David Bradbury Saddleworth News can show you some archive images of the actual filming. ‘ I managed the local Co-Operative Store that was used in the Film’ says David.


Sponsored by Pawprints […]