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Car theft in Grotton last night

Saddleworth news

Reporter : Stuart Littleford

The Grotton area has unfortunately again seen a robbery incident where a
car has now been taken.

This incident occurred on Langley Avenue off Lane Drive, Coverhill Road.
Here at around 23:50hrs on the evening of Thursday 9th November an elderly
couple were approached as they arrived home in their X1 BMW in white.

As the couple went to alight their vehicle they were confronted by two
males described as being Asian in appearance and Scruffy looking.

One of the males brandished an Axe and demanded car keys which were handed
over and he then got into the BMW and made off with the second male
offender getting into a small blue sports car parked nearby which also made
off from the scene.

Thankfully no injuries were sustained by the victims of this robbery in
what was a terrifying ordeal.

This is now the fourth incident in as many days with similar
characteristics and we want you our local community to know that we are
doing all we can to locate and tackle these offenders.

We have had teams out at Saddleworth throughout the night and are
constantly patrolling in a proactive manner.

We ask that our local community stay vigilant and report any concerns to us
as soon as possible.

Please look out for vehicles that are following or tailgating you, be aware
of your surroundings when approaching and alighting your vehicle.

Please keep your doors locked at all times and particularly when arriving
at your destination or whilst sat in your vehicles parked up and stationary
until you are happy that there are no persons loitering nearby or vehicles
that cause you concern.

This is a clear and current threat to the residents of not only saddleworth
but to the whole Borough.

Eyes peeled and please be vigilant.

Any information should be rung through on 101

Saddleworth news

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