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Band club offers amnesty for return of missing instruments

The missing cornet

The missing cornet

imageReporter: Stuart Littleford

A local band club are making a plea for information to help in the return of some of their missing instruments.

Delph Band Club has offered an amnesty to anyone who returns the instruments – with no questions asked.

Over the last few months a few instruments have gone missing from the club’s band room, most recently a Courtois Soprano Cornet (model 107V with a broken third valve slide).

The club has always been trusting with the instruments and happy to help fellow banders. Unfortunately, they say they will eventually have to report this instrument as stolen to the police, as well as stepping up our their own security in the band room.

As a last resort, before going to the police, the club is now offering an amnesty to anyone who has one of their missing instruments, jackets or mutes.

A spokesperson for the club told Saddleworth News: “Please bring the missing instruments back and there will be no questions asked and there might even be a pint waiting for you as a thank you!

“Also if any Saddleworth News readers see or hear of a Courtois Soprano cornet for sale or being fixed please would you get in touch with us.”

The amnesty will last for around a month.

You can contact the club by email at or Facebook:

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